Fan scrutinized images of Xiao Zhan – Yangzi having fake film – true love after participating in a pair in the latest movie

Recently, information about Tieu Chien and Duong Tu dating has spread throughout the online forum due to the image of them holding hands behind the camera.

It is known that Yangzi and Jiaozuo who participated in the temporary translation movie “Students please teach more” have met with fierce opposition from the fans of these two stars. Yangzi’s fanclub said that Chien Chien did not deserve to match Yangtze on the screen. Because Yangzi has good acting ability, seasoned experience. However, Tieu Chien goes behind and has less acting experience. In addition, fans of Yangzi also said Tieu Chien thanks to Yangzi became famous. Because of this, Because of this, Xiao Zhan’s fanclub tried to persuade him to give up the male lead for this movie. However, as a result, the two still agreed to work together.

During the filming, the two of them got along well. Most recently, the people have captured the moment the two actors hold hands very affectionately. However, the incident occurred while the entire crew was on a break time and had not yet prepared to open the next shoot. In the revealed pictures, ieu Chien dressed in simple but very polite clothes, exuding the beauty of the guy. Moreover, Xiao Zhan’s suit matched well with the clothes that Yangzi was wearing  including a long skirt and a white shirt.

Back to the romantic scene outside the shot. The two actors held hands, and then Xiao Zhan suddenly stroked Yangzi’s head affectionately. The scene that appears in front of you is really romantic. However, both actors have not yet confirmed this rumor. So, let’s just believe and wait for official information from the two actors.

The film, “Students will teach more” is expected to broadcast and will achieve high results. Let’s forward to it.

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