The image clearly shows the true beauty of the couple coming out from the hit “Señorita”

When it comes to “Señorita” – one of the hottest songs of 2019. It is the song that made the names of two young stars (Shawn Medes and Camila Cabello) closer to the public over the world.

Immediately after the song was released, the couple was caught in a lot of love rumors. The paparazzi have encountered a lot of romantic moments, but both singers did not admit they have a love relationship. Meanwhile, they insisted they were just friends.

However, about a year ago, both singers tacitly admitted to the media about their love. Fans seemed to be too bored and familiar with the public love scenes of both on the newspapers. And most recently, Shawn Medes and Camila Cabello have revealed their shabby, unappealing images. This makes the public wonder what made them so. The public wants to see their perfect image when standing on stage, not the image like a dusty guy.

The photo showcasing the unexpected beauty of the couple captured the moment when the two of them walked on the street in casual style. The female singer without makeup makes her face look lifeless, her hair is not neat. In addition, she also harmed her physique when wearing a shirt over the butt and pants with polka dots obsolete. All of this makes Camila like a babysitter or a kitchen lady. Going next to the female singer is Shawn. The male singer has an impressive height unbalanced with his body, because he looks too thin in a photo taken. Shawn represents himself with a more sloppy outfit of T-shirts, shorts and slippers. He also owns a bird nest hairstyle that makes female fans very disappointed.

Looking at these scenes, fans wonder what makes the idol couple look so bad. Is their love life too exhausting and mentally exhausting?

Going further, some people said that the two singers are using this trick to attract the attention of fans to warm up their name.

Indeed, if not observant and pay close attention, you will hardly be able to recognize the owner of the famous song Señorita once.

The couple used to look very stylish and trendy. Their beauty were greatly admired by  the public.

Looking at Shawn’s hair is really hard to accept. Fans asked him to cut his hair and pay attention to his appearance when going out. Did Camila turn Shawn into an uncle like he is now? It was so mad.

Where has the white prince Shawn disappeared?

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