Yoona’s legs have magically turned from curvy to straight

Yoona is a female idol from Korea. She was a member of the super hot group from 2008 to 2015 called Girl Generation – SNSD. Yoona is famous for her beautiful face like a fairy and a slim body. However, curvy legs are always the worst point on  body of the female idol. Yoona always tries to hide this drawback. However, many times she was exposed to the ugly image of imperfect legs by the media. Since then, people always  pay  more attention to Yoona’s legs than the beautiful face and talent which she shows.

In Yoona’s latest image, people are really surprised that her legs have become more straight and slimmer than before. As a result, she confidently wears short skirts or jeans, leggings hugging her legs. Previously, Yoona rarely wore short skirts and tight pants because these costumes could not cover her body defects. The public went from being surprised at her beautiful legs to the curiosity the way  Yoona had used to have  a wonderful legs. Although we don’t know exactly the method Yoona uses to improve her legs, you can refer to a method called cosmetic osteopathy.

This method has existed for a long time in China, Korea, and Japan. However, this method is not known as the current method of cosmetic surgery. Doctors apply force to the joints of a patient to return them to the proper position. And of course, you will feel a little pain on your body but at a tolerable level and very safe for your healthy. The duration of using this cosmetic method is usually long and depends on the situation of the person operated. The price for each course will range from 2000 usd to 3000 usd. If you are interested in this cosmetic method, you can find out on the internet.

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